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Belatedly thought of a great read

Belatedly thought of a great read, available through Audible: Gustave Flaubert “Salambo”. Carthaginian distaste for fighting resulted in the hiring of mercenaries, and Flaubert gives a colorful account of the huge cultural variety of participants: “Four great funeral piles were built for the men of Latin race, the Samnites, the Etruscans,cheap jerseys the Campanians and the Bruttians. The Greeks dug graves with their sword points.

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Cheap Jerseys from china Of the soldiers whose memories were thus honored, eighteen officers were kill in action and three died of wounds: there were two hundred and seventy warrant officers, non commissioned officers and ment killed in action, thirty seven died of wounds, six were accidentally killed and seven are listed as missing and presumed dead. While many of the names are of men whose homes were in other parts of Canada, a considerable number of the dead formerly lived in Temiskaming and Cochrane district area and enlisted from its communities. Jewell, Lieut Cheap Jerseys from china.