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158From the day that Ryan Scott established Pure Riderz in 2008, the group has experienced a steady and rapid growth. Ryan understood from the start that, though many motorcycle clubs exist, few if any focused on both creating a family environment, emphasizing safety and knowledge, and the pure joy that comes from sports bikes. Pure Riderz is commitment to its family values, and has created a breed of new riders who work cooperatively to promote their club. This approach has made Pure Riderz an innovator in the growing trend of motorcycle clubs and sport bike clubs. The club’s philosophy is centered on making a healthy, open and lifestyle-oriented approach accessible to businesses for cross-marketing. Pure Riderz is the now the fastest growing club in Oregon, with multiple branches.

The idea for Pure Riderz stems from founder Ryan Scott’s desire to have a club of like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts committed to making a positive impact on the Portland, Oregon area. After somet initial person-to-person network building and the construction of a website designed to create an online community of riders, the club began to grow. The page has many capabilities to help with the growth of the club. A host of well-respected area presidents have provided vital leadership, and ushered in an era of growth and expansion. Pure Riderz has asserted itself in the community by participating in a host of charitable events, including the Autism Walk and Ride, feeding the homeless, raising money for schools, helping people find jobs, and hosting several annual toy drives. Steadily, this core group has selectively added members whose positive and philanthropic commitment to community involvement embodies the Pure Riderz lifestyle.

Our members are professionals who choose to adopt riding as a way of life. As individuals and as a club, we take our responsibilities as family and community members seriously, and we all share a commitment to charity and a passion for motorcycles. Collectively, we are unique group of men and women who will redefine your view of the sport bike rider. As a organization, we raised the bar by promoting diversity, respect for individuality, and positively influencing the image of sports bike riders. We wear the “PR” With Pride.

As clubs come and go, we still remain in this world of riders. Our goal is to look past and beyond what other clubs have tried to do, and to instead hold ourselves to the highest standards as both riders and citizens. We are a positive recognized public name associated with the motorcycling community.